Treatments etiquette

How to prepare


Prepare a nice quiet space where you could have a treatment and 3 Large towels to cover the massage table and yourself


Restrict your food and beverage to a light meal and no alcohol


Although you don’t have to, having a shower before the treatment could enhance the massage results.

What to expect before and after

Before the treatment

Please be ready at your location for the designated booking time. If the therapist is late for any reason, our team will let you know.

During the treatment

The therapist will ask you a few questions about your medical history and your preferred pressure strength. You can ask your therapist to change the pressure anytime you like during the treatment (depending on the treatment). If you feel cold, please ask the therapist for extra towels or a blanket. If the choice of music is not to your liking, you can ask the therapist to change it. If your massage is done using oils, please undress to a level you are comfortable with, keeping your underwear on at all time.

After the treatment

The therapist will step out to allow you the time to get dressed. When back, the therapist might give you after care recommendations. If you enjoyed your treatment, you can give your therapist a review and add a gratuity on the app or on the website through the My appointments section. If you would like to rebook the same therapist again, please get in touch with our team who would be able to help.

Please note all our massage services are STRICTLY PROFESSIONAL. NO SEXUAL SERVICES OF ANY KIND WILL BE PROVIDED. If you make the therapist feel uneasy for any reason, the therapist will leave and you will still be charged for the full amount.