About us

established over 10 years ago we are an exclusive supplier to 5 star hotels and spas across london.

we offer a wide range of massage, beauty, hair & makeup and fitness. we provide on demand services delivered to you - at your home, office, event, hotel or spa.

we connect you to professional, certified, insured and carefully vetted therapists so you can relax and be assured that you are in good hands.

London Serenity is the longest established mobile massage & beauty company in London, connecting you to outstanding therapists for treatments at your home, hotel, office, event or spa. Book your treatments from as little as 30 minutes notice or months in advance.

the beginnings

London Serenity started as a vision to offer mobile spa treatments to homes and hotels. Founder Paolo Andrea Dalla Fina, a therapist himself, created London Serenity in 2008. Back then, “from the comfort of your own home” was a luxury only a very few knew about. The demand for London Serenity’s services started mainly from the 5 star hotels industry, with concierges at these hotels booking in-room treatments for their guests. Catering for influential and discerning clientele, London serenity’s service had to be professional, luxurious and delivered to the very highest standards. Flexibility with timing and organising last-minute requests was paramount. Massage treatments at 6am in your hotel room? No problem sir.

homes – offices – events

London Serenity had become the leading company for luxury mobile treatments in London. Our services were delivered at home, offices and at events. We ran VIP spas at leading events such as the Hard Rock Calling, London Fashion week, Vitality Health show and many others.

hair & makeup,
fitness services

Demand was growing for all beauty treatments to be on demand, and delivered. In 2011, London Serenity expanded the services provided to encompass hair and makeup and fitness services.

winner of the best
massage company

London serenity is recommended by many concierge lifestyle companies such as Quintessentially and is an associate member of the Golden Keys associate of Great Britain (Les Clefs d’or). In 2012 and for 3 years in a row, London Serenity won the best massage company in London by the London massage guide.

late than never

Since 2014 and the Tech revolution with companies such as Uber revolutionizing the way business is done, we embarked on creating our online booking system for our internal operations, hotels and spa clients. It is now widely and successfully used by our B2B clients.

celebrating 10 years
with a re-brand and
the launch of the app

London Serenity celebrated its 10 year anniversary with an image rebranding to the new royal blue and gold colours, and with the launch of a new booking website and Apps. Privately owned, our team worked really hard to create a website true to our identity, allowing users to enjoy the ease of a seamless online booking process. London Serenity was also selected to be a board member of the UK-Spa Association, which is a UK wide association that promotes improvement in quality training, high standards, inclusiveness and professionalism at all levels within the spa industry – another accolade for the quality of our services.

london serenity offers london's best quality mobile massage, beauty and fitness service. they are always willing and helpful in providing therapists at short notice who provide quality 5 star service. i have known and been using london serenity for over seven years. paolo and his team have a very friendly and welcoming demeanour and are a pleasure to work with.

Ardit Halili
Conrad St James