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Chair Massage, Office Massage, On site Massage


Make you feel good is our mission. London Serenity is a leading company in office (chair) massage. Our Therapists will bring a specifically designed chair to treat your employees without the need to undress or waste time.




- Lift employees' morale


- Reduces absenteeism, as the general health and well being of the employees is improved on a physiological level, and their moral is boosted on an emotional level


- Employees regard their company as "a caring" one, that cares about their health and well being. An excellent reflection of the way your company is treating employees


- Massages such as Indian head massage improve the blood circulation, and this in turn improves the employees' concentration and performance at work


- From a health and safety point of view, 15 minutes massage improves the posture, the back and shoulders muscles, and people are less likely to have back problems


- Less chances to develop RSI or other related conditions


Increase the motivation of your workforce


- Counteracts the effects of sitting in front of a computer all day


- A generally happier, more energised and revitalised workforce, able to produce and concentrate more, and that in turns transfers this well being into the company's clients


- Ultimately it costs less to prevent than to cure


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Office On-site massage can help boost your employees’ morale, reduce stress levels at work, and decrease absenteeism.  


Your employees’ general well being will dramatically improve, and their performance and productivity is bound to increase!


Don’t forget also that having massage available to your employees is definitely an attractive plus to your recruits!


If you are looking for an innovative theme for your next corporate party (Christmas party, Annual party, etc), or you have a marketing or advertising event, or you are simply holding a special party in your home and want to create a nice ambiance, London Serenity is there for you to add that special touch.


We will help your guests feel at ease and relaxed through a combination of short treatments specifically designed for each event.



For a quote please email us with:

- Office or event location

- Company name

- Number of people to be pampered

- Date and time of event

- Any specific preferences or requirements.

Alternatively, call us on 0207 000 1888 for a quote.



“You helped us achieve what we wanted to, by enabling people to unwind and relax at the BBC Headroom Tent."


Sarah Lake, BBC Headroom



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London Serenity is recommended by Quintessentially, the Luxury Lifestyle Global Concierge.



London Serenity is an associate member of the Golden Keys.



London Serenity ran the VIP Rock Spa  at  the Hard Rock Calling for the second year in a row!


London Serenity is providing in-room treatments at the Guoman Charing  Cross Hotel.


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London Serenity ran  the VIP Spa  at  the Vitality show




London Serenity at the City Airport




London Serenity at the BBC Your Game






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