What is chair massage?


Chair massage has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years, especially with corporate workers, as it can be done quickly whilst remaining very effective. A typical chair massage can last from anywhere between 5 minutes to half an hour, and does not require the client to remove any clothing. This allows for a much more flexible massage, which can be done practically anywhere – including the office.

Chair massage is most often used to relieve stress and tension, in areas such as the back and arms, which can be particularly problematic for office workers, so, it is not surprising that office workers use chair massage more than the average person.

One of the biggest benefits of having a chair massage, is that it can be done anywhere. Clients no longer need to travel to a massage parlour or spa to have a treatment. This allows otherwise busy people to fit a must-needed massage into their day. It also takes away the embarrassment factor, which is present with many other forms of massage, where taking off your clothes is necessary.

The fact that the sessions are short is also a bonus, as it is much cheaper than a more traditional massage, but still packs a punch and works very effectively on problem areas. If you are interested in having a chair massage in the London area, check out London Serenity. We offer a range of massage treatments in London at competitive prices.

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