Shiatsu Massage offers an effective treatment


The basic elements of Shiatsu massage include rubbing, squeezing and tapping of the body, in an organised way, which has been specifically tailored to the needs of the individual being massaged. Shiatsu massage was originally developed in Japan by Tojujiro Namikoshi, who found that applying pressure to certain parts of the body could relieve pain, and help the sick to relax. His mother suffered from arthritis, and he used the techniques now used in Shiatsu massage to comfort her, and alleviate the pain caused by her disease. Shiatsu is great for relieving stress, and is also good for people who suffer with aching joints or bad circulation.

The word ‘Shiatsu’ literally translates as ‘finger pressure’, and this is as adequate a description of the technique as any other. After Namikoshi had developed his technique, he began to teach it to other Japanese students and they, in turn, spread the word, teaching it to others across the globe. Namikoshi himself moved to America, where he treated many famous celebrities including Muhammad Ali, who was a big fan of the treatment, and Marilyn Monroe.

Shiatsu massage is not easy to learn, and can take many years of studying to perfect the technique. If you want to get a Shiatsu massage, be sure to go to a reputable company, such as London Serenity. We employ only the best, fully qualified Shiatsu practitioners, who will create a tailor made session which will help you with any specific health problems you may have.

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