Mobile Beauty Therapy In London Minimises Employee Sick Days


The birth of the mobile beauty therapy industry in London has been openly welcomed in business, with individuals from all backgrounds seeking their convenient and beneficial services.

A full body massage in London with a mobile therapist is probably one of the most popular treatments to be sought from the wide range of treatments that can be chosen from a mobile massage therapist in London.

Office massage is also a popular service sought across central London, particularly by employers who understand the large benefits they stand to gain by providing a treatment that will positively impact upon their employees.

In fact, an office massage in London and other mobile beauty treatments within the workplace have actually become part of some firms’ remuneration bonus packages.

The services of the mobile massage therapist in London became available at a time when work related health issues first rose to the fore. This included the government’s message to employers regarding the importance of health and safety in the workplace.

Since employers have been told to pay attention to employee stress and the impact to UK business on the increasing number of employee sick days, there is now a wider use of ergonomic furniture.

Additionally, in order to minimise the stress related issues resulting in employee sick days, more employers are seeking the services of a mobile massage therapist in London to reward employees.

At London Serenity, we provide chair massage, facials and many beauty treatments available through professional mobile beauty therapists in London.

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