The Many Beneficial Elements Of Pregnancy Massage


In recent years it has become highly popular for those living in our UK capital city to enjoy regular massage in London with a qualified therapist who will visit private London addresses.

One of the most booked treatments of massage in London is the pregnancy massage, especially since in recent years there has been much research to prove the large number of benefits involved in a massage during pregnancy.

A massage in London, as with any type of professional massage, will automatically stimulate blood flow and benefit the lymphatic system, enhance joint mobility and improve flexibility in the muscles.

When a lady is pregnant her body begins to change and the centre of gravity adjusts as the baby begins to grow inside the body; more often than not this leads to extra strain on the legs, hips and back. A pregnancy massage will alleviate the aches and pains and help a lady to deal better with the adjustments her body is going through.

Proven benefits of having a regular pregnancy massage throughout the pregnancy include pain relief, improved posture, relief from muscle spasms, reduced sciatic pain, reduced headaches, reduced muscle spasms and oedema in both hands and feet and even an improvement in energy levels.

We are the experts of beauty treatments and massage in London here at London Serenity, with skilled beauty therapists who offer pregnancy massage as well as a whole range of massages, waxing, nail and facial treatments. A beauty therapist could even be at your address within 45 minutes of your call.

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