The Chair Massage Brings Natural Therapy Into Office Ergonomics


There are a number of reasons why the services of a mobile beauty therapist in London are gaining in popularity. Perhaps one of the most interesting ways they are booked these days is to provide employees with on-site office massage and other beauty therapies.

Many health issues in the workplace are commonly associated with bad ergonomics within office furniture design. Medical professionals recognise that a new type of muscle strain and pain is rising from our growing online society and the constant use of computers.

Government health and work-related issues now consider employee ergonomics to be high on the list of priorities for an employer. There is now a need for such things as ergonomic office furniture in the office.

From our higher number of computer-based desk jobs the issues of stress, muscle pain and tiredness are ones that are tackled by a mobile beauty therapist in London. An office massage has emerged as a service that can be provided almost as fast as an emergency doctor’s appointment.

Aside from the chair massage, some of the most popular types of massage at home, or in a hotel, which are available through a mobile beauty therapist in London include shiatsu massage, pregnancy massage and Thai massage in London. It is not only massage in London that can be enjoyed either, now a mobile therapist can provide facials, waxing and manicures too. At London Serenity we provide event massage, chair massage, facials and other beauty treatments provided by our highly trained mobile beauty therapists.

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