Thai Massage In London For Wellbeing And Healing


There has been more demand for massage services in London in recent years due to the pressures of inner city life that lead many people to seek the natural stress reducing benefits of massage.

One such massage that is becoming more popular is the Thai Massage in London because of its exceptional abilities to induce healing and well being. Thai massage is based upon the oldest healing modalities in the world originating from Buddha times more than 2,500 years ago.

Thai massage is a form of ancient healing for the body, mind and spirit known as ‘chi’ to bring it back into a healthy balance through stimulating acupressure points or energy lines.

The concept of Thai massage is based upon the ancient principals of the body having invisible ten energy lines called ‘Prana Nadis’ which are responsible for supplying us vital energy.

Generally speaking a Thai massage in London is a little more vigorous than other forms of massage; however, the effects provide a greater sense of relaxation and energising.

A professional Thai massage energises the body and releases the build up of toxins from muscles, joints and connecting body tissue. Other benefits of the Thai massage in London are that it can adjust the skeletal structure of a person, decrease high blood pressure and improve circulation and increase flexibility.

We have a fabulous reputation here at London Serenity and our professional beauty therapists can provide a Thai massage in London along with manicures, facials and waxing, travelling to Central London addresses with little notice.

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