Massage during pregnancy can be beneficial


During pregnancy, women tend to get a lot of aches, pains and general soreness. Any weight gain and hormonal changes can put immense pressure on their bodies, which can make them feel stressed and lethargic. Pregnancy massage is a great way of helping women to relax and enjoy their pregnancies.

Studies have shown that pregnancy massage can help to lower stress levels in women, as well as helping to reduce swelling in the joints. It also helps to take away general aches and pains in the body. Many pregnant women suffer from back pain during pregnancy; this can be problematic, because certain pain relief medications are unsafe for them, and many women try to take as little medication as they possible can. In cases like this, massage can be hugely beneficial to a mum-to-be’s wellbeing, and can help women feel much more comfortable during some of the most important months of their life.

Massage is not only great for physical ailments, but can also help mothers deal with their emotional problems, too. The touch of another human being can be a wonderful and comforting thing, and many women can confide more easily in their massage therapist than they can to a family member or a friend.

Massage can be beneficial for the unborn baby, too. Massage helps blood flow more easily through the veins, and helps to get vital nutrients and oxygen to the baby, helping the baby to grow stronger. Here at London Serenity, we offer a range of massages suitable for pregnant women who need a little TLC.

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