An Office Massage Motivates The Whole Team


Office massage has become incredibly popular in the last few years particularly for a massage in London where many companies are booking an office massage as a reward for their staff.

The office massage is a specifically designed therapy which is great as an easy treatment for those in a work environment; you can receive the full benefits of a relaxing massage treatment without having to remove any clothing.

The office massage first caught on as a popular massage in London after receiving huge success in the USA’s Silicone Valley. The technique itself derives from the ancient technique ‘Anma’ cultivated in ancient Japan.

Office massage is performed with the person sitting in a specially designed chair and there is no use of any oils. The therapist stimulates pressure points in the neck, shoulders, arms, back and head. Typically an office massage may last between five and twenty minutes.

An office massage reduces the muscle tension that often occurs when a person sits for hours at a desk.  Pressure points are stimulated to boost the functioning of important organs in the body, also boosting energy levels and invigorating the mind.

An office massage not only benefits the person receiving it but means that an employer is ensuring they get more from their employees after treatment.

At London Serenity we have expert therapists who can be at your central London address within 45 minutes of receiving a call. Apart from office massage we also provide nail, waxing and facials along with many other types of massage in London.

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