Pregnant Pause


Life in general can be a trial but whilst you’re pregnant, life can feel much heavier than normal.  Being pregnant places a strain not only on your body, but it also causes mental lethargy.  As women we sometimes forget that we need some TLC and taking a step back and relaxing isn’t a priority.  Yet we should take care of ourselves and at least have the odd treatment during this important phase of our life.

It is an awkward deed shaving legs whilst heavily pregnant, let alone messing around with a home waxing treatment.  As you may not feel like going out, the idea of a mobile spa with friendly, professional therapists that can come to your designated location and pamper you is something to consider.

At London Serenity, we offer a range of massages, from a full body massage in London to specific pregnancy massages.  We are experienced in pregnancy massages as there are certain techniques that a beauty therapist cannot use whilst massaging a pregnant woman.  You are able to lie back and relax knowing that one of our trained therapists is about to wipe away the pregnancy blues.

Therapists, especially massage therapists in London, can always offer a salon based environment, however many pregnant ladies prefer a private treatment in their home environment.  All kinds of beauty treatments are available and it will make you feel like a new woman.

You will probably have less time to spoil yourself once the baby is born so why not take advantage of a treatment whilst you can?

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